Muscadine Grapes For Optimal Health!

Native to the Southeastern United States, the Muscadine grape is tough, and has adapted to the harsh climates of the South. Found growing wild in this region, locals have used this grape not only to make wine, but also to make delicious pies and jams.  And all you need to reap the benefits of Muscadine grapes and the highly studied antioxidant resveratrol is found in a health supplement called Perfect ResGrape

The Muscadine grape is different from your average grape in that it has a very thick skin. The Muscadine grape skin fights against disease, fungi and insects and is where the powerful antioxidants are stored. 40% of its weight can be attributed to this thick skin.

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In comparison to an average grape, the Muscadine grape has an extra set of chromosomes. Chromosomes contain genes and this extra set of chromosomes means that the muscadine grape has more genetic information.  This unique structure is responsible for the abundant phytochemicals, especially ellagic acid, not found in other grapes. The phytochemicals in the Muscadine grape may help our bodies fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases, and aging.

The Muscadine grapes rate high on the ORAC standard measurement when it comes to their antioxidant power. When the Muscadine powder was tested at Brunswick lab the ORAC value was determined to be 23,600 per 100 grams. Additionally, the Muscadine skins have about 8 times more antioxidant capacity than whole blueberries.

Adding to its uniqueness, Muscadine grapes contain a higher amount of Resveratrol, well known for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. With a supplement like Perfect ResGrape, you get whole food Muscadine grape, in which the skin, pulp and seed are dried and then ground into a powder.  You also get the health benefits of 99% trans-resveratrol in this all natural supplement without fillers or flowing agents. Perfect ResGrape is a pure supplement to add to your healthy diet and exercise regime.

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